About Dr. Angela

Dr. Angela M. Crutchfield is the Founder and Principal of Crutchfield Group, LLC. Affectionately known as, Dr. Angela, she is an Executive Leadership Consultant and Coach who focuses on transformational Human Resources and Culture Change. She is also a Lifestyle Coach for women with a focus on wholeness.

Dr. Angela has served in senior human resources leadership positions for much of her career. She is a fully engaged human resources professional and leadership consultant providing coaching services in the area of sustainable organizational culture change to companies around the country.  Dr. Angela is an impactful keynote speaker, coach and trainer, delivering quality programs around the country in individual coaching sessions, public seminars, private onsite workshops, and online delivery platforms. Dr. Angela has also served as a professional development adjunct faculty and guest lecturer with several institutions and organizations over the years. She has held numerous past leadership positions across industries including healthcare, aerospace & defense, and academia.

As a long-term Human Resources professional and Diversity & Inclusion practitioner, Dr. Angela has a unique blend of human capital and organizational insight, people skills, and tactical know-how that combine for delivery of exceptional personal coaching, training program design & delivery, and business consultation. With a vast client list, for nearly 30 years she has helped thousands of people achieve higher levels of success in leadership and in life.

Her unrivaled engaging style, sense of humor, and motivational presentations and coaching sessions have earned rave reviews from leaders and audiences around the country. She demonstrates liveliness that reflects matchless energy and style that is most impactful for learning and driving personal and organizational behavior change. Dr. Angela lives life based on a personal passion to positively impact the lives of others.


“One should live to influence and impact in a way that motivates, encourages, and promotes positive change in the lives of others. That is the calling on my life; that my tongue would be the pen of a ready writer to motivate others.”                    Dr. Angela



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